IMG 7916 "Let's do _____."

“Let’s do _____.”

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Like all of us, Elaine Franklin is a busy woman with a full plate and busy schedule. There’s always something to do and some place to go. In the midst of her to-dos, God called her to invest in her friends and in return, they gave her a renewed glimpse of His love for her. A warm invitation –“let’s do …

20674438629 1a0655480a o 1 From Pain to Purpose

From Pain to Purpose

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Truth is often revealed at our painful moments. When our youngest child left for college, my husband asked, “What are you going to do with the rest of your life?” That question opened a floodgate of emotions, and what followed was an epiphany revealed in a tearful, all-night conversation with God. It was a fair question – what? It led …