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January 11, 2024
Women Doing Well

The new year brings unique opportunity for focus, goal setting, and time listening to God for what he has in store in this new year. At Women Doing Well, we are excited for what’s to come and are confident our purpose is activating women in their generosity. We know from research that when women know who they are in Christ, what they are passionate about and have a plan to live generously they experience greater joy, fulfillment, and freedom. 

We invite you kick start your giving with 10 of our favorite ways to integrate generosity throughout the year.

  1. Find your community
    • Living and giving generously is more fulfilling and fun with others. Join The Pathway to explore purpose, passion, and plan, with a community of like-minded women supporting, praying for, and encouraging each other along the way. Learn more here.
  2. Take a look back
    • Pull out your financial statements and look at where and how you’ve given over the last year, are there adjustments you feel called to make? Review your calendar, notice where you volunteered time or have capacity to this year.
  3. Assemble your team
    • Integrating generosity is easier with a team of experts supporting you. Meet our trusted partners and learn more here.
  4. Do the Planning Retreat
    • Planning for giving allows for maximum impact with your generosity. Our Planning Retreat takes you through a process to look back, dream forward, and make decisions for the coming year leading to living and giving the way God intended. Find the guide here.
  5. Look at Scripture
    • In only a few verses the example of Tabitha’s faith and generosity give us a framework for living generously. Meet Tabitha…
  6. Block your calendar to volunteer
    • If you’re like a lot of us, if it isn’t on our calendar, it probably won’t happen. Life gets busy, and time gets filled with more urgent things. Putting a block on your calendar to volunteer in specific ways helps dedicate time to those areas you’re passionate about.
  7. Include your family
    • We love the power of a great story. Together as a family explore these videos and resources from our friends at I Like Giving.
  8. Set a mid-year check in
    • Intentionally set aside half a day in June or July to check in on our giving plan and make adjustments as needed.
  9. Gratitude journal
  10. Go deeper by leading

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