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May 30, 2017
Elaine Franklin

Like all of us, Elaine Franklin is a busy woman with a full plate and busy schedule. There’s always something to do and some place to go. In the midst of her to-dos, God called her to invest in her friends and in return, they gave her a renewed glimpse of His love for her.

A warm invitation –“let’s do lunch or coffee,”— can be a woman’s way of inviting another to do life together. This time is sacred as hearts connect and someone pays attention to what stirs our soul. Connecting as a spiritual discipline is important for growth, and as an “older woman” (of any age) we train others to generously be loved and to love.

This past year I felt loved as Pam Pugh asked two dear friends and me, “Let’s do an Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) event in our city – Atlanta.”  As one of the city leaders, I was blessed to invite younger women for whom I care deeply to a “let’s do life” day where they experienced the light of God in amazing ways.

Few of the 300 women in attendance anticipated how the power of purpose, passion, and plan can bring transformation into their lives. The covering of prayer and the excellence of preparation was a gift to each woman as she had a safe place to hear speakers who shared authentic messages of courage, intentionality, and hope. Our conversations with moments of listening and learning had life-changing impact. As one of my dear young friends wrote in a thank you note, “Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on my giving, and more importantly, my purpose.”

Every speaker and attendee at our Atlanta Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) was an inspiration to me, but the last speaker touched me deeply. I have known her since she was a young bride – when she considered me an older woman in her life. On this day she trained me with wise, loving words. It was a Titus 2 moment as God said to me, “Let’s do love together.”

Love is at the core of my purpose, passion and plan. And at the end of the day, my heart had been touched as I meditated on how other women were used to bring the truth in love to me. Thank you, Women Doing Well!


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