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Listening for What’s Next

As we live and give in God’s image, he often asks us to make uncertain pivots. For Ami Campbell and her family, one of those pivots led to Tanzania and becoming deeply involved with ministry there. She shared this story with Women Doing Well a few years ago and now returns to give us an update on the places, plans, and, yes, pivots God has been using to grow […]

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dan burton vBAuJrwl27w unsplash scaled 1 "I've Always Loved Sharing"

“I’ve Always Loved Sharing”

I have always loved giving. Some of my earliest memories are of giving: Picking flowers, drawing pictures, wrapping up used toys and giving them to family and friends. Whether to celebrate a special occasion or just because I felt a little nudge from the Holy Spirit, God has wired me love and show His love and compassion through physical gifts, but […]

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humphrey muleba 9MoQKZW0nGU unsplash Economic Shutdown: 3 Steps Forward for Every Christian

Economic Shutdown: 3 Steps Forward for Every Christian

It’s not just health news that’s frightening these days; economic news is also grim. As believers, how is God calling us to respond in this time of coronavirus, job loss, and all of the unknowns we’re facing? John Cortines shared this post on Generous Giving’s blog and his Scripture-based insights chart a hopeful course through today’s fear and uncertainty.     After 11 years of […]

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ben white ReEqHw2GyeI unsplash The Generous Eyes of Christ

The Generous Eyes of Christ

On Friday, I took a walk with my sister, my 12 year-old niece, and a few of her young friends. We were somehow trying to stay relationally connected, and socially distanced, all at the same time. My sister asked the children in our group if they were missing school.  “A little,” they said. My niece […]

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bruce mars FWVMhUa wbY unsplash 100% Certain

100% Certain

Does your giving reflect fear or faith? The answer to this question can help you uncover more about your view of God and live fully in the freedom and peace He gives. Kim King shares more in this blog post we first published in 2017.  Jesus addressed fear quite a few times in his ministry on […]

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christin hume 610U5teI5B4 unsplash Your Guide to the Giving Season

Your Guide to the Giving Season

We’re entering a season filled with opportunities to give, from the local soup kitchen to ministries with a worldwide presence. What are some ways we can approach these opportunities with intention, joy, and wisdom? This post, originally published by National Christian Foundation, offers some insight, along with a downloadable guide to help you plan your year-end giving.   The end of the year is […]

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nick morrison FHnnjk1Yj7Y unsplash Need a Nudge?

Need a Nudge?

This post was originally published on our blog in 2017.  Recently Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in Economics. He demonstrated that economists have based their conclusions on a fundamental misconception: that human beings act rationally when making decisions. This is true even when faced with financial decisions. We don’t always make decisions that are […]

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rayan almuslem IHrKW6kWfk unsplash Mr. Hinson's Gift

Mr. Hinson’s Gift

I dropped my transistor radio again. The last time, Mom and Dad paid for its repair, but I knew that if I told them I’d done it again, I would be punished and the radio would stay broken. When Mr. Hinson, a neighbor, and deacon at my church, learned of my problem he offered to fix […]

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