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April 30, 2014
Judy Lewis

We talked with Denver Prayer Coordinator Suzanne Chrisman to hear about her experience with prayer and Women Doing Well.

How did you come to be the Prayer Coordinator for Denver?

In the Fall of 2013, a year before we hosted Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) (IGJ), I was asked to be the Prayer Coordinator. I knew very quickly I was meant to be a part of what God was doing. He kept confirming to me that prayer and the movement of generosity happening in our city were a part of something bigger He is doing through out our state and nation. I consider it a joy to join in where God is working and be a part of His master plan. [Suzanne is in the back right with her awesome team.]

How did you organize your team of prayers and how did you begin?

The prayer team was primarily made up of our Igniters (table hosts for IGJ) as well as a handful of intercessors. Our first official prayer meeting was in February of 2014. Every week we came together and were committed to dedicate our time to actually praying instead of talking.

We would always start out focusing on one of God’s attributes, like who God is for us as His beloved daughters:

  • God is Loving,
  • He is Gracious
  • He is Faithful
  • He is Our Revealer
  • He is our King of Glory
  • He is Our Life Giver, and on and on and on.

We spent much of our time in prayer praising Him and thanking Him. We made it our intention to give Him undivided attention and focus on enjoying Him. We prayed, praised, worshiped, and sang and God knitted our hearts together in a very special way.

How did you pray for Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event)?

We often asked Him, “Lord, what should we ask of You regarding IGJ and the women of Colorado?  What do we need to pray for?  Every time, it came to one heart felt cry: “Lord, show up in the lives of every woman attending IGJ and every person serving IGJ?  Lord, will You make your presence known and move in the hearts of women of Colorado?”  Nothing else really matters if this one prayer is not answered.  Of course, we prayed for every logistical detail that we could think of.  We saved every prayer requests that was written since February leading up to our September 12, 2014 event, and the Lord answered everyone one of our requests.

We began an email chain throughout the week to stay connected with one another, and we would remind each other how much we our loved by our King.  We would send out worship songs, prayers, petitions to each other and we kept the prayer movement going.

How did you keep the emphasis on prayer going?

A blog was started called Generous Women of Colorado to keep the flame burning to spur us on to joyful generosity.  During the actual event, the Igniters prayed without ceasing throughout the day.

They begin to write down on a white board all that God was saying:   

In addition to the Igniters praying, we had a team of six intercessors who were in a separate room praying for the event the entire day.  They walked through every hall and room of the building praying for God to release His joy, love and presence that ignites joyful generosity. The intercessors took the registration list and prayed over the names at IGJ and often times receiving insight on how to pray strategically for each woman.

While the event was being held, the Intercessors went into one of the empty boutique rooms and asked the Lord to speak to them of what He was saying and doing during IGJ. They begin to write down on a white board all that God was saying:   

  • “I’m pouring out my Spirit and softening the hearts of these women this very day.”
  • “I’m breaking off chains today that have held my daughters back”.
  • “I’m replacing an orphan spirit with a generous spirit.”
  • “I’m doing a new thing on the earth before you, it will spring forth.  I will declare to you, says the Lord.”
  • “I’m replacing old ways of thinking (old wine skins) with new ways of thinking (new wine skins).”
  • “My daughters will open the doors to peoples hearts.”
  • “New levels of ‘taste and see the Lord is good’ is coming over these women.”
  • “I am creating a new thing. I am trading cloudy lenses for new lenses that are in sharp focus with My purpose for who I created My daughters to be. I am crushing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts.”

 The Lord answered our biggest and main prayer that day.  He showed up and moved in the hearts of women. This is evident by the feedback that come from some of the women including:

  • “I’m thinking differently about my giving. It’s freeing! I now have a filter than I can use to bring joy into my giving. Women are valuable, and it’s God’s plan for us to give. Thank you for walking with me!”
  • “God spoke all day. I can tell it’s just the beginning.”
  • “The whole day was a marvel for me.”

Now that IGJ has come and gone, how are you continuing to pray?

We have continued praying for one another. We gathered  together for a prayer time to reflect on all that God did through IGJ on September 12th, and went through each answer to prayer thanking God. We are continuing to meet together to spur one another on in igniting generous joy in our own lives and the lives of others.  My husband and I even had the incredible opportunity to join Prayer One and pray over Denver!

What would you say to someone who is considering hosting Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event)?

I would encourage you to ignite prayer first.  Prayer is the greater work and it is a work of generosity in and of itself. I can think of no greater time spent then to draw on the grace of God while bringing others before His throne of grace.  By our love for one another and our heartfelt petitions, we move God’s heart and then we move His powerful hand to do above and beyond all we can imagine.





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