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June 26, 2015
Pam Pugh

I wonder if we’ve overcomplicated things.

Our society values choice. It seems the more wealth we have, the more options we have. Has this become a source of mind clutter and overstimulation preventing us from taking simple steps towards on-purpose living and giving?

Before we pull the trigger on decisions, we want to know how it will impact others. We add data to the decision mix to ensure the decision is a good one. As we compile more and more data and debate all the options, we can delay long enough that the opportunity goes away. Does the ‘what if’ trap get you like it gets me?

Isaiah encourages us to remove the obstacles, to look up, and attach our confidence to God. I’m encouraged by the simplicity, the consistency, and persistence of God’s call on each of our lives. In delightful simplicity, He beckons us to come follow, to be willing, and to trust the outcome to Him.

Fear not, I’ve called you by name and you are mine.
I will be with you.
When pass thru the waters and fire,
it won’t overwhelm you because I am there.

(from Isaiah 43)

When God called Moses, he was living comfortably, caring for the property of his father-in-law. I’m guessing life was fairly comfortable. Because of that, the call to set free the equivalent of 10 stadiums full of people from slavery under the yoke of a leader that Moses wasn’t on good terms with—and to do all of this without financial backers—seemed a feat of impossibility. No wonder Moses asked his fair share of ‘what ifs’!

Can you relate to this paraphrase of Moses rebuttals? Who am I to do this? People will think I’m crazy and they will never listen to me. Besides, I’m not as articulate as others. Remember now, things ended badly for me in that city. I’m not sure I want to go back there. Besides, look, I’ve got it pretty good here; I’ve got a great family and I’m accepted here. Well, first, I’ve got to get in shape and start working out. Can you just send someone else?

I am sending you. I am with you.

Now, notice God’s patient pursuit: I am sending you. I am with you. I AM has sent you! Furthermore, look at what I’ve already placed in your hand. I’ve got this. I’ve got a plan. I made your mouth. I will be with your mouth. I will form the very words you say. Now go.

Wow! This speaks to me. God told Moses to look at what was in his hand (Exodus 4:2): A rod, a simple tool that Moses likely used in his everyday work. Was God asking Moses to take into account what God had already given him?

So often, when doors open to step into my purpose, I reply with similar rebuttals seeking assurance that new resources will be given. And sometimes, the bottom line is that like Moses, I just really don’t believe that God can do something miraculous through my life and what He’s entrusted to me.

What’s in my hand? I don’t want to underestimate this: God’s ability to exceedingly and abundantly provide all that is needed. I don’t want to underestimate Him: He’s got this!


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