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“What is it I need to give away, Lord?”

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A guest post from Lori Frampton, past Denver Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) guest and current City Leader for Denver’s second event in September.

I attended the Women Doing Well conference last year. One of the takeaways I came home with was the incredible joy displayed on the faces of women who generously gave. Now, giving is not a new concept for me as I’ve tithed, given to multiple ministries, sponsored numerous children, and volunteered and mentored as ways of serving. But, to some degree, giving in this manner seemed “easy.’” I then started to ask, “What is it I need to give away, Lord?”

Weeks later, I had lunch with a friend and she shared that one of her friends was looking for a place to stay for a short period of time. As I listened, I felt the tug on my heart to offer my home to this woman at “no charge.” Now the “no charge” thing was a big deal but the sharing of “my space” with someone I didn’t know was a bit more of a radical idea! Katie moved in and we “shared space” for four months.

After Katie got back on her feet and was able to get her own home, I felt such joy of knowing I was a part of someone achieving her dream of owning her own place.

More time went by and I was faced with another situation.

More time went by and I was faced with another situation. A woman that I had met eight years previously re-entered my life. I was in the produce aisle, looked up, and there stood Gloria. She looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. As we reconnected, she began to share with me that she had been planning to get married in nine days, but the wedding had just been called off. Gloria was closing on the sale of her house in a couple of days and she did not know where she was going next. Once again, I felt the “tug” and I knew that my role was to invite her into my home “rent free” and live life together. She stayed for seven months and she too was able to heal and get back on her feet.

When we choose to give, we change. I had given “monetarily,” but asking God what I needed to “give away” and the revelation of it being “shared space” was a greater sacrifice than I had experienced before. Even though there were challenges along the way, the joy and the influence that these two women brought into my life is something I won’t forget.

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