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Welcome Abundance

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Is it my imagination or does it appear as if the world is in full-blown scarcity mode? “Not Enoughness” runs amok. Fear is in the air like oxygen.   

Scarcity began knocking on my door early spring of this yearOn March 1, my husband and I released a 30-year ministry assignment of church planting and pastoring in local churches. The transition was exciting, yet this major life change registered in my emotions and body as loss. Five days after this transition my beloved father became unexpectedly ill, resulting in his death on March 18, just as the world began shutting down from the COVID-19 Pandemic. The looming temptation to answer the door and invite scarcity in for a deep and meaningful heart-to-heart over a cup of coffee was very appealing.   

But I know better. Scarcity makes me double down on the belief that love is an unrenewable resource. It bullies me into clamping my fist shut, giving me permission to hold on for dear life to what I have: the familiar and safe. Generosity and open-handed living are like four-letter words when I take counsel with scarcity.  

As I paused to consider my options, something else knocked on that same door of my soul—abundance. Despite the temptation to wrap myself in the scarcity option and turn away from abundance, I boldly invited this true friend to the table, and tentatively listened to another narrative—the open hand principle. Abundance gently prodded me to keep my grip open, allowing God to put in and take out as I keep a palms-open-and-up posture. It turns out that the wisdom of this welcome visitor shifted my perspective and brought my loved ones along for the joyful journey.  

An abundance mindset has become the antidote to a scarcity mindset. My husband and I set out to lead our family and extended family into some practical exercises as we saw the world around us inhale scarcity. We sent a group text to our family asking all, from the youngest at 14 to the oldest at 73, to live from abundance by giving to the following list: 

  • A local family in need because of COVID-19
  • Our local faith community experiencing impact from COVID-19 
  • The international family of God in a vulnerable country reeling from COVID-19 

To our surprise and delight every person on the text gave generously within 3 hours. We collected more than we had hoped for and this is where generosity became contagious.  

Shortly after this gift drop, one of the family members brought a big need to the giving table. A young woman close to us desperately needed to replace a 20-year-old car she could no longer safely drive on the freeway. We gathered up our resources from the youngest to the oldest and purchased a 2017 Toyota! The joy we all felt when we surprised her at her home with the car during COVID-19 was healing. Watching our family come together to push back on scarcity and welcome abundance is something we will never forget!  

 by Tracy Daugherty

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