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February 28, 2017
Mary Tomlinson

After thinking about attending a Journey of Generosity (JOG) event for some time, my husband and I recently attended one with nine other couples.

JOGs are small gatherings of friends that explore the life-changing message of generosity and how it can bring joy, freedom and purpose. My secret plan was to introduce my husband to this message so he would become more personally generous and we could embark upon this new adventure together.

There was also a stirring within my soul in the months and weeks leading up to the gathering: God was up to something.

Throughout the weekend, I waited in anticipation for what the Lord would say to Bill—and to us as a couple—about how we could participate more fully in giving. But the Lord had a message for me as well.

For several years, I had been working on a book for women and was excited that it was nearing completion. It was a labor of love (with emphasis on both labor and love). The process involved gathering women’s stories about purpose, collaborating with Kevin W. McCarthy on his purpose concepts and principles, rewriting, going deeper and providing next steps for each women to discover her unique design.

Now that Wholehearted Purpose was nearing completion and publication, Bill and I looked forward to the book’s potential to provide a residual income over the years to come – especially Bill who plays the financial planner role in our family.

I can only explain it as both a heaviness of obedience and a lightness of generosity when I sensed God was asking me to commit to giving away all the profits of the book. I realized that I truly did not own the book’s content. The stories of life transformation were God’s doing, not mine. The life-changing On-Purpose principles are from Kevin’s work, not mine. My role had been to simply compile this work.

I prayed for the right time during the JOG weekend to approach Bill with this idea – and was relieved and amazed that he completely agreed! God’s timing was perfect to speak to me about this plan during this JOG weekend and for Bill, touched by the Holy Spirit, to support this path of generosity.

Thanks to our JOG weekend and since our decision to say yes, I’ve experienced even more freedom as I move forward to publish Wholehearted Purpose, trusting that God’s purposes for this book. I know it is all in His hands and I can freely serve Him in this way. I can’t wait to see what He will do!

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