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True Colors

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At a recent Women Doing Well Signature Event in Darian, Connecticut, the leaves outside were turning the brilliant colors of fall. More than 180 women gathered to hear the powerful message of living a life of purpose and passion and having a plan for a generous life. In the mix was our good friend and author, Sally Lloyd Jones. We hope you enjoy this delightful reflection, which first appeared on her blog, about what it means to live into our true colors and to be increasingly surrendered to a loving and good God. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thoughts for Today: TRUE COLORS

Did you know that leaves aren’t really green? They only seem that way. Each leaf contains chlorophyll–the green color that captures light and turns it into food for the tree. It’s this green that hides the leaf’s true color. In the autumn, trees produce less chlorophyll, the green fades, and so the leaves show their true colors– blazing reds, yellows, golds!

The leaves were always those brilliant colors– we just couldn’t see them.

And the Bible says you can’t see all you really are either.

But one day, when God mends his broken world once and for all, you’ll be all he made you to be– and then your true colors will come shining through.

“All creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are.”
Romans 8:19 (NLT)

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Sally Lloyd Jones

Sally is a New York Times bestselling writer and frequent performer of her work. She has written over 25 books, spanning the christian and the general markets. Her work has been critically acclaimed by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Her books are written for children, but a lot of adults are reading them too.

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