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Tim Keller on Biblical Generosity

What does it mean to truly give freely? Can we give in a way that is shockingly generous? At Generous Giving’s Celebration of Generosity conference this April, attendees heard from Dr. Tim Keller as he shared how the Bible describes generosity and the implications it has for all of life. Watch this short video at this link. 

For the past twenty years, Tim Keller has been contributing some of the most influential writings on Christianity in today’s context. Spanning topics such as marriage, doubt, humility, and prayer, his books have encouraged men and women to align their heart with Christ’s.  


Judy Lewis

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Judy Lewis

Judy Nelson Lewis is a strategic and creative thinker who has worked with Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru) for 25 years. Her primary work was in publishing and communications for the ministry, specifically as editor in chief of Worldwide Challenge magazine. She was also a special assistant to both Cru presidents in strategic, global communications. Today, she works in communication and donor development for Cru global. Judy lives in Atlanta with her husband Bob and loves to bike and read (not at the same time). Her purpose statement is “embracing significance.”

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