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The Summer 10 for 2020

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Summer’s slower pace makes it a great time to read, listen, and watch. The board and staff of Women Doing Well have some summertime recommendations for you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have! 

To Read 

Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Bohannan  

“This book was a joy to read. It’s easy to read and really down to earth about Liz’s journey to make good on her promises and eventually discovering her passion.” 

Patterns for Peace  

“This self-directed YouVersion Bible Plan has been so helpful during these days’ racial diversity conversations. The best part is you can do it with a few friends and share your comments and questions.” 

Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler  

“I found these two authors on the Bible App (YouVersion), and it led me to their book. They look at motherhood through the lens of creation, fall, and redemption, and I have found their words very enlightening.” 

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk 

“This insightful book will help you connect your body to your heart and open your eyes to the power of emotions on your physical well-being.” 

Try Softer by Aundi Kolber  

“In a world that tells us we’d better be ‘crushing it’ or ‘killing it’ if we want to make it, Aundi Kolber has a revolutionary approach—try softer. With grace, wisdom, and candor, Try Softer gives us hope for a different way—lives of connection and attention instead of competition and distraction.” 

To Listen:  

Be the Bridge (Podcast) 

“Being a white, Christian woman, I’ve been wrestling with things like privilege, culture, identity, fragility, biases, and underlying beliefs for quite some time. Be the Bridge is a safe space to listen, learn, and take intentional steps towards better understanding and healing.” 

Love is Stronger Than Fear by Amy Julia Becker (Podcast)  

“Amy Julia Becker is a thoughtful speaker and creator who tackles various challenging topics all while encouraging her listeners to anchor their acts in love.” 

Restoring the Soul by Michael John Cusick (Podcast)  

“This podcast has great conversation about cultivating freedom, flourishing, and the wholeness of heart through Jesus-shaped spirituality.” 

We Need to Talk About an Injustice by Bryan Stevenson (TEDTalk)  

“I thought it was a great message.” 

Even If by Mercy Me (Music) 

“This song gets real and is good for when you might be in a place where you are not sure where God is in the midst of it all.” 

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