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Today’s post is written by Cindy Rine, who recently joined Women Doing Well as Director of Volunteer Growth. She shares her testimony of her experience with Women Doing Well and what can happen when we say yes to God’s purpose for us. 

Yes. It’s a small word—just three letters—but it can bring big changes, especially when our hearts are aligned to God’s purpose for us. In my own life, He’s used my yes to invite me into His work. 

This part of my journey started when my husband and I said yes to attending a Journey of Generosity. God used that event to speak to us and set our lives on a new path. Just hours after leaving that retreat, we attended a wedding and were seated at a table with a woman who was about to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. This wasn’t an adventure trip for her; she was doing it to bring awareness and raise funds to free women and children from human trafficking. Good for her, I thought. That’s something I could never do. But as I waited in the buffet line, I heard God’s still, small voice ask, “Will you follow Me up that mountain?” My immediate response? Absolutely not. I told myself not to act interested or even look at that woman anymore.  But God He didn’t let up. After praying and receiving undeniable confirmation, I said yes to Him and joined 47 women from around the world to climb a mountain and be a voice for the voiceless.   

At the same time, God provided another way to say yes. My husband felt we needed to sell our house and downsize. I said yes to this too, thinking the process would take months, if not longer. God had other plans. The house sold quickly and we needed to move in a matter of weeks.  

Then came a call from a  pastor friend who had  recently planted  a church in  the inner city of West Palm Beach, Florida, asking my husband to pray about leading the discipleship  ministry. We immediately knew this was our next yes; God was leading us  there. 

One of the ways I served that church plant was by organizing and leading a women’s Bible study. It was there I connected with Lacie Stevens. We’d exchanged emails after the Generous Giving retreat but had not yet met in person. She told me about Women Doing Well and asked if I’d consider hosting a retreat. Once again, I said yes and God used this time to speak to me about my purpose and passion, especially sharing the message of generosity with other women.  

That opportunity to share came when I agreed to attend facilitator training. I met an amazing community of like-minded Christian women, all very different, yet so similar and united for a purpose.  

Now, God has invited me to join Women Doing Well, a team of passionate women who help other women say yes to their God-given purpose, align them with their passion, and show them how to live and give generously.  

What yes is God inviting you into? Ask Him—He’ll be sure to show you. 

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