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The Courage to Give

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This is the second post in a series about women’s role in generosity. Read the first post here. 

The daughter of immigrants, Sarah grew up in a family that loved to explore.  Her interest in exploration led her to the oil and gas industry, where she enjoyed the people, the science, the adventure. In fact, after exiting the successful venture she and a partner had started, she found herself drawn back to the industry and desire to form her own oil and gas company.  

After reading When Women Give, Sarah made a covenant to give a certain portion of her new company’s profits to a foundation she would create to support charitable ministries. She’s also exploring ways to encourage generosity among future employees.  

Sarah’s commitment to this giving adventure requires courage. As is the case with most startups, her company needs the investment of private equity owners. She wondered whether she would find investors who would support her pledge to give a certain portion of the profits to meet the needs in the communities in which the venture would have operations. She’s learning to cast the vision so these stakeholders not only understand how their money will be used but also so they can get excited about the change their investment can make in the lives in these communities. 

The good news is: Sarah’s not alone in this. Sharing her commitment with friends keeps her accountable to see it through and provides the encouragement she needs to keep going.  

What’s the next stop on Sarah’s giving journey? A personal retreat. Using Women Doing Well’s retreat guide, she’s looking forward to spending time with God as she works through the questions to chart her foundation’s giving plan. It’s just one more way He is using her love of adventure and exploration for His glory. 

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Kim King served as an attorney and manager in the law department of Exxon Mobil Corporation for over thirty years. She is now pursuing writing and other interests and lives in Houston with her four-legged roommate, Callie. She has served on the boards of various ministries. She loves to learn, write, and teach. Her first book, When Women Give, was released by InterVarsity Press in August 2017. Kim is passionate about helping women fulfill their purpose to the glory of God. Her purpose statement is “bringing clarity.”

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