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The Case for Inspiring Generosity Among Women

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Studies show that our churches are failing to disciple women in the area of biblical generosity.

True story… I have a friend who is a successful corporate attorney, a faithful church member in Texas intentionally living a life of sacrificial kingdom generosity. We were chatting over coffee one day when she shared with mixed sorrow and frustration the fact that the church had not been helpful in her generosity journey. She longed for the belonging that comes from serving and giving within a body of believers, yet, did not find the opportunity in her congregation.

It appears that she is not alone.

We are now living in an era where God in His sovereignty is resourcing women globally with unprecedented educational, professional and financial resources. Both the amount of money controlled by women and the rate at which it is increasing are extraordinary. 95% of women will be their family’s primary financial decision maker at some point in their lives.[1]

Many of these women are sitting in the pews of our churches.

Many of these women are sitting in the pews of our churches. As leaders, we have the unique opportunity and privilege to guide these women spiritually to respond joyfully with grace-filled generosity.

As you may know in 2012, Women Doing Well™ commissioned a national study of Christian women to gain insights into the motivations and barriers to whole life generosity with an overwhelming response from 7300Christian woman. The results found that 93% of these women actively participated in their household’s giving decisions.

The project revealed that many women feel that church and ministry leaders neglect the key role they play in leading these women in the discipleship of generosity. Less than 40% of the women surveyed reported that teaching from their local congregation had been “very helpful” in nurturing their generosity. In focus groups, women lamented that talk about money has been “taboo” in the churches in which they’d participated—and they wish this would change.

Yet, the most encouraging insight for church leaders is that growth in spiritual disciplines represent the top three influences shaping her generosity:

  • A growing conviction that God owns it all (90% indicated high influence)
  • Personal spiritual disciplines of bible study and prayer (81%)
  • Bible teaching on stewardship (76%)

What an amazing opportunity to spiritually guide these women in an unprecedented era of God’s provision!  Could it be that God is resourcing women so that through their hearts and through their hands the world will experience a wave of generosity in His name?

Maybe it’s time to take this aspect of discipling women seriously.

As more financial influence and resources flow through the hands of women, are we equipped and ready to serve them well?  

What scripture references and stories might encourage these women in their God-given responsibility and opportunity for generosity?

–Originally posted at www.GenerousChurch.com

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Sharon Epps

Sharon Epps is a strategic and discerning leader and is one of the founders of Women Doing Well. She has a background in corporate banking, as a stewardship pastor and as an executive with Crown Financial Ministries. As a speaker and consultant, Sharon’s passion is helping churches and individuals maximize stewardship and generosity through Generous Church and her firm, Kinetic Consultants. Sharon lives in Buford, Ga., with her husband and a revolving door of family and friends. Her purpose statement is “cultivating understanding.”

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