20237455984 45ea080cc6 z "What is it I need to give away, Lord?"

“What is it I need to give away, Lord?”

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A guest post from Lori Frampton, past Denver Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) guest and current City Leader for Denver’s second event in September. I attended the Women Doing Well conference last year. One of the takeaways I came home with was the incredible joy displayed on the faces of women who generously gave. Now, giving is not a …

dandelions e1441899923432 Exchanging Glances

Exchanging Glances

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As spring returns, I’m taken back to memories from my early years of parenting. In the fresh spring afternoons, I remember looking out the kitchen window watching our girls play outside. Often times, there would come a moment where they’d look up and see me watching them. We’d exchange a glance. I’d smile. They’d smile even bigger. And we’d connect …