darius bashar liRYTza AU8 unsplash Reflecting Christ's Generosity

Reflecting Christ’s Generosity

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For Mary Magdalene, meeting Jesus is more than exciting…it’s life-changing. As one of His devoted disciples, Mary followed Jesus from city to city, countryside to countryside. During her time with Him, Mary gained firsthand perspective on the joy Jesus and His message brought to people. To ensure His message wasn’t hindered, Mary uses her own finances to fund Jesus’s work. …

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Finding and Keeping Your Purpose

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God often works in ways we don’t expect. Terri Ponce de Leon’s story is proof. He gave her a vision and called her out from behind a desk and into the lives of women who longed to know their purpose. Along the way, Terri found her purpose too (above right). Here’s her story.   Several years ago, I helped a family …

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Easter Women

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You may have heard the saying that comes around this time of year: “We are an Easter people.” I love the image it inspires in me—a people living by faith and believing in the power of God to transform even death into life. But so much of the Easter story I heard growing up focused on what the men did …

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Foolish for Christ

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At Women Doing Well some of our best stories have been about women who have stepped out in faith to live their purpose on behalf of others—and they have looked like fools in the eyes of friends and even family. If you fully live your purpose for Christ there is good chance that you too may be asked to look …