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What’s Your Giving Style

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A few years ago I heard an earnest, well-intentioned speaker present a message on the topic of the biblical model of giving. It was the story of the widow’s mite and, as you might guess, the conclusion was we should be willing to give everything we have. For nearly my entire life, I’ve heard this story is the biblical model …

Screen Shot 2016 06 02 at 1.56.10 PM A Plan for Purposeful Giving

A Plan for Purposeful Giving

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I have 16 square feet of garden in my front yard. It comes with romantic ideas of my barefoot children crunching organic carrots, devouring sugar-dripping strawberries, and begging for more fresh broccoli just snipped from our garden. Just the thought of it makes me feel closer to Wendell Berry, making my suburban existence more palatable. Last year I stuck a …

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Finding and Keeping Your Purpose

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God often works in ways we don’t expect. Terri Ponce de Leon’s story is proof. He gave her a vision and called her out from behind a desk and into the lives of women who longed to know their purpose. Along the way, Terri found her purpose too (above right). Here’s her story.   Several years ago, I helped a family …

DSC 1249 Igniting a Generous Community: 2015 Annual Report

Igniting a Generous Community: 2015 Annual Report

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Stories of women who are shining the light of generosity After several years working with women across the country, we wanted to learn more about their growth in the grace of giving. We asked Sagamore Institute, the organization that completed our first research study of Christian women and their generosity, to guide a new study focused specifically on women who …

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Prepare to Share

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Stories are a powerful way to spread the message of generosity. That said, 90% of people surveyed say their number one fear is speaking publicly. But if we remain silent, how will anyone learn and be encouraged? Make it easier on yourself and prepare to share. Before you start, it’s important to remember that the more specific you are as …