daniel thomas gWlBxOAgXgQ unsplash Black Americans' Generosity

Black Americans’ Generosity

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Known as Juneteenth, June 19 celebrates the end of slavery in the United States.  We’re using this opportunity to share a little bit of research on the uniqueness of Black Americans’ generosity.  Generosity is embedded in African culture. That culture carried over to the United Stated and encouraged enslaved individuals to care for one another like family whether they were …

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 at 10.31.08 AM e1479483151131 3 Generosity To-Do's to Check Off Your List Now

3 Generosity To-Do’s to Check Off Your List Now

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We’re in the midst of Thanksgiving preparations this week, but in the blink of an eye, it will be time to set New Years’ resolutions. It’s a busy time of year, so before the December 31st arrives, here are three generosity to-do’s that will maximize the power of a generous life. 1.  With the stock market at an all time …

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The Healing Power of Generosity

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Generosity brings with it many gifts: joy, purpose, passion, freedom. There’s another, one you might not immediately think of: healing. That’s the belief and experience of Cindy Halsted. She’s a wife, mother, ministry leader, and connector who God has placed in the unique position of reaching people who have influence and success. “More than anything, I want God to be …

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No Holding Back

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It’s a blessing to welcome the words of Joni Eareckson Tada to our blog today. You’ll be challenged and encouraged by this story of generosity told on her radio show. You can listen to it on her website, plus find other resources that will strengthen your faith. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coastal states, officials from the Louisiana …

Screen Shot 2016 05 23 at 10.44.17 AM From Saver to Servant

From Saver to Servant

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It was another $100 day. A soreness-causing, sweat-inducing, five-lawn marathon of mowing resulted in a neat stack of bills whose worth reached into the triple digits. As a 13-year-old, this was a mountain of money, and I proudly stuffed it into my sock drawer. I would neatly take $10 or $12 off the top of my pile to give to …

Screen Shot 2016 04 19 at 1.47.56 PM Finding and Keeping Your Purpose

Finding and Keeping Your Purpose

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God often works in ways we don’t expect. Terri Ponce de Leon’s story is proof. He gave her a vision and called her out from behind a desk and into the lives of women who longed to know their purpose. Along the way, Terri found her purpose too (above right). Here’s her story.   Several years ago, I helped a family …

DSC 1249 Igniting a Generous Community: 2015 Annual Report

Igniting a Generous Community: 2015 Annual Report

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Stories of women who are shining the light of generosity After several years working with women across the country, we wanted to learn more about their growth in the grace of giving. We asked Sagamore Institute, the organization that completed our first research study of Christian women and their generosity, to guide a new study focused specifically on women who …

20663908072 36e3d3c435 k e1445592012136 Are You Maxed Out?

Are You Maxed Out?

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Did you complete your financial giving and your volunteering for this year? Are you feeling the joyous pleasure of giving that is aligned with your purpose and passion? Or are you careening into the beginning of the year frustrated and unsure of whether your giving is enough? As we approach a new year, we have a wonderful opportunity to reflect …