Retreat Host Resources

Tips for Hosting

Here are a few helpful resources as you consider hosting your Women Doing Well Retreat.

WDW Host Checklist

2 months+ out
  • Pick a date that works for you and a few friends and communicate to Women Doing Well (email
    • The WDW is a one-day retreat starting at 9 AM and ending around 3 PM; it can occur any day that is convenient.
  • Determine a retreat Location (e.g. your home or a friend’s home)
    • Once a location is selected, contact Women Doing Well with details and we will provide you with an electronic invitation to send to those you plan to invite.
  • Invite your friends (Electronic invitation provided. Each invitation should be accompanied with a phone call or conversation).
    • We have found the ideal WDW Retreat size to be about 8-10 people (including the facilitator and host).
  • Pray for the women you have invited to your retreat. Women Doing Well is also praying for you! (Specifically for people to say “yes” to the invitation.)
1 month out
  • Coordinate lunch, snacks and technology needs
  • Review technology plan with facilitator (a Roku with all the videos will be provided)
10-14 days out
  • Women Doing Well will reach out to you to coordinate the shipment of Women Doing Well Retreat materials. Please respond with the following details:
    • Where to ship the box.
    • Whether you would like preprinted or blank name tags (or none).
    • How many workbooks you will need (1 per person).
  • Contact Jess Snow with any questions (
Day of Retreat
  • Hand off Women Doing Well Retreat box to facilitator (if mailed directly to you)
  • Know that the WDW team is praying for you and your group! (For the Lord to show up during the Retreat, for distractions to be limited, for people to be open to the message of purpose, passion and plan for a generous life and for life change to take place.)
  • Email guests with any last minute information (e.g. where to park, codes needed to enter, etc.)
Post WDW Retreat
  • Submit tax form to Women Doing Well / Generous Giving (we will send this to you electronically)
  • Pray for those who attended your Retreat.
  • Consider hosting a follow-up with your group in the near future

Typical Schedule

Coffee/Welcome 8:30 AM
Session 1 9:00 AM
Break 10:10 AM
Session 2 10:20 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
Session 3 12:45 PM
Break 1:45 PM
Session 4 1:55 PM
Close 3:00 PM

Food and Beverage

Snack breaks (water, soft drinks, coffee, salty and sweet snacks)

Breaks will be about 10 minutes long for women to get food, drinks and use the facilities. Make sure you have help in setting out snacks 5-10 mins before the break.

Lunch menu is chosen by the host and should enhance the experience but not be the focus. Most people order catering or prepare food in advance. Check with guests and facilitator to see if there are any allergies or restrictions. Given the nature of a One Day, please make sure to end lunch on time to get back into the room to start Session 3 on time (12:45PM)


For playing the videos for each session of the retreat, we have a few technology options. To visit our instructions page, please click the button below:

View the Video Instructions

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For any other questions, please reach out to our Retreat Concierge, Sarah Caines (
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