Our research focuses on understanding the strengths and barriers to a woman’s giving journey. Funded by a handful of organizations who wanted to understand the giving practices of Christian women, Women Doing Well commissioned Sagamore Institute’s Center on Faith in Communities and Baylor University’s Institute for the Study of Religion to design and implement the study. Hoping for 300 respondents, more than 7000 women of faith filled out the survey giving us the keys to a woman’s giving.

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Key Findings

  • Christian Women are Generous with Their Time and Money: 300% more generous with their money and 400% more generous with their time.  
  • Discipleship Plays the Major Role in Shaping Generosity Among Christian Women. Research revealed that women with a strong understanding of Biblical teaching on stewardship gave higher percentages of their income to charity.
  • Women with a Strong Sense of Calling/Purpose Are More Generous Than Those Without. Women with the highest score on personal sense of calling gave on average 13.7 percent of their income to charity while women with the lowest scores on this scale gave 9 percent on average.  
  • There is Significant Opportunity for Growing “Women Giving Well.”  Only 6% were registering at their giving capacity; 94% of women we surveyed wanted to be doing better and giving more. 
  • Among “Aspiring Givers,” (198 of the respondents) Lack of Financial Planning and Lack of Clarity of Purpose Are the Most Common Challenges to Generosity. For these women the lack of financial planning; lack of clarity of purpose/passion for giving; and lack of accountability partners hindered their desire to give more. 
  • There is Significant Capacity for Greater Financial Generosity Among Christian Women. We asked women to rate themselves on a 5-point scale, where “1” indicated that they could be giving far more and “5” indicated they were giving to their maximum capacity. Only 21 percent of the women rated themselves a 5. 

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