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January 21, 2016
Julie Wilson

Stories are a powerful way to spread the message of generosity. That said, 90% of people surveyed say their number one fear is speaking publicly. But if we remain silent, how will anyone learn and be encouraged?

Make it easier on yourself and prepare to share.

Before you start, it’s important to remember that the more specific you are as you write things down and read them through, the simpler it will be to share your story.

Now it’s time to write. Here are some tips for penning your generosity story.

1. Embrace Transparency: People are drawn to weakness more than strength. An audience needs to hear your human self, not your ideal self. When you share a weakness, struggle, or vulnerability the listener is drawn in and identifies with you. We think it will ruin our credibility but the opposite is true. Allow your heart to speak to their hearts.

2. Exhibit Humility: The good news is: it’s not about youYou are sharing your history as His story. Focus on how listeners will hear and receive. They are the focus, not your sharing ability.

3. Practice: Practice your story with a friend. The more you share your story, the easier it becomes to tell it. Weave it into a conversation or ask your small group if you can share for a few minutes about what you’re learning.

4. Tell Stories and Paint a Picture: Stories make things real. Keep details to a minimum. The audience won’t need to know every step just the essential points. After writing your story, ask a friend if there is anything you should alter or leave out to make it more clear.

5. Enjoy: Take time before and after sharing your story to enjoy the favor of God as He is glorified through His work in your life. God is writing your story. The world wants to hear it.

Who can you share your story with?



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