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Prepare Like An Olympian

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The opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics will take place tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro. Think of all the planning and preparation that happens for an event that takes place only once every four years! Now imagine how many hours of training and the level of dedication and preparation that must take place for these elite athletes to compete in the Olympic Games.

A commitment made in love

This type of commitment and dedication makes me consider how we all should prepare our families for when we are no longer around. I know that this type of preparation never seems to be a high priority. Nobody really likes to think about death. But we love our families and want them to win and succeed even when we are no longer here to cheer them on.  The perfect way to show your love is to create The Family Legacy Drawer for your family.

The Family Legacy Drawer should contain everything your spouse and/or your family needs to know after your death.  The drawer can be physical such as a file drawer and contain paper documents, or it can be virtual with digital documents. The Family Legacy Drawer creates clarity and organization. Your family will be able to locate important documents and carry on the legacy you have created. It is truly the best gift you can give your family.

Some items to put in your Family Legacy Drawer:

  • Will/Trust documents
  • Listing of financial accounts
  • All insurance information
  • Important documents (birth certificates, passports, social security card, etc.) or where they are kept
  • Safe deposit box content listing and location
  • Tax returns
  • Passwords/PIN numbers
  • Final wishes/ funeral Instructions/people to call
  • Family tree/photographs/heirlooms
  • Love letters/spiritual Legacy

This is just a framework and is not an all-inclusive list. Your Family Legacy Drawer should be personalized to your life.

A commitment for the future

Dedication to and preparation for the Olympics is on my heart because I’m traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week to watch my daughter-in-law, April Ross, compete in the Olympic beach volleyball event. I know first-hand how hard she has trained and the level of commitment she has maintained. She is always looking for ways to improve her game. She learns from her mistakes and celebrates the successes along the way. April has laser focus, a strong desire to win, and a clear vision for her future. These are attributes of a winning athlete and she has prepared well for the Olympics.

Have you prepared well for your family? Have you set them up to succeed in life and win long after you are gone from this earth? Show your family how much you love them by creating The Family Legacy Drawer. 

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Mary Keenan

During her 25-year career as a CPA with Ronald Blue & Co., Mary Keenan came across many clients that struggled with basic planning for their later years in life. As a result, she created The Family Legacy Drawer, a purposeful tool that equips people to leave their legal, financial, personal, and spiritual legacy behind them for their families. Mary lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her husband. Her two-word purpose statement is “Creating Imprints.”

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