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One Act of Obedience, Floodgates of God’s blessings 

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This post is part of a series about women’s role in generosity. Read the first post here and the second post here. 

Deborah is a successful attorney in the oil and gas industry. She and her husband live in The Woodlands, a largely wealthy planned community in the northern part of the Houston Metropolitan area. She has always been an initiator, one who sees a need or opportunity and goes after it. Her focus, however, is serving others. 

In August 2014 she drove to Dallas to meet a woman who wrote an article for LinkedIn about succeeding in a corporate environment. They shared stories of how difficult corporate America is and how they felt they had lost themselves and their identity in the pursuit of success. This woman introduced Deborah to 4word, an organization for Christian professional and business women. Through 4word Deborah met supportive and generous women who encouraged her to follow God’s calling and planted a seed to discover her own path toward a generous life. One of them introduced her to The Barnabas Group who connected her with Lee Turner, a local business professional in the same area 

After multiple “God moments” Deborah recognized the great need for legal aid in Montgomery County where the Woodlands is located. After a discussion with Lee, he joined to help Deborah initiate a legal aid ministry for those with limited resources in the county. As a result, Community Christian Legal Aid was formed this year.  

Deborah testifies to her own amazement at the abundance of lawyers in the county who have volunteered to serve in the ministry—sometimes there are multiple lawyers on a single client’s legal needs. Most importantly, Deborah recognizes clients’ greatest need is Jesus. Each appointment begins with an offer to pray. Deborah shares that often when the clients decline at the beginning of an appointment, they will ask for prayer at the end 

Deborah also shares that in response to her prayer God has provided her with godly friends to encourage her in her desire to live generously through this ministry. He has also provided financial resources and individuals to offer expert advice. 

“We never know when an act of obediencesome would say showing upwill open up the floodgates of God’s blessings,” Deborah says. She gives all the credit to God. “He is so good!” 

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Kim King served as an attorney and manager in the law department of Exxon Mobil Corporation for over thirty years. She is now pursuing writing and other interests and lives in Houston with her four-legged roommate, Callie. She has served on the boards of various ministries. She loves to learn, write, and teach. Her first book, When Women Give, was released by InterVarsity Press in August 2017. Kim is passionate about helping women fulfill their purpose to the glory of God. Her purpose statement is “bringing clarity.”

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