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July 29, 2021
Helen Schmid

My husband, Ben, is a financial planner, whose job is to wisely guide his clients’ financial decisions. Thanks to Ben’s work, we’ve had a biblical perspective on money for years. We also gave generously and believed that everything we own belongs to God.

Despite my background, Women Doing Well (WDW) got my attention.

Why I Said “Yes” to The Doing Well Series

WDW disciples women and helps them find their unique purpose and passion. Through community groups, WDW journeys with women as they envision their individual, wholehearted generosity plans. 

After I read about The Doing Well Series, I immediately RSVP’d for Course I: Ignite Community. I couldn’t wait to start.

It felt like I had nothing to lose and much to gain. A whole course focused on my personal development with a biblical foundation on generosity? It sounded amazing for a number of reasons. Here are four of them.

1. I wanted to learn more about myself—how God uniquely made me, especially my purpose and passion. At the time, I was struggling with my vocational calling. I contemplated leaving my cushy but demanding corporate marketing job, but I wasn’t sure what I was called to do next. 

2. I wanted to better understand wholehearted generosity and new ways I could give to serve God’s kingdom. While I felt convicted to give, much of this conviction was out of obedience. I longed to give from a wholehearted, joyful heart.

3. We were a few months into the pandemic lockdown, so meeting weekly with a small group of women sounded like a dream! Making intentional relationships and having deep conversation for an hour each week felt refreshing in an isolating season. Even as we return back to somewhat normal, weekly fellowship with other women feels like mandatory practice for me. 

4. Signing up for a course focused on my personal development was thrilling! Most of the vision casting and planning in my life had been centered around my family, in my role of wife and mom. It felt nice to do this for myself.

Transformation Brought Courage 

God used The Doing Well Series to give me conviction, clarity, and courage. Without them, I couldn’t have acted on my generosity plan. 

There wasn’t a sudden eureka moment, but rather a slow transformation throughout and after the three Doing Well Series courses.

The initial revelation came during the course when I felt ignited to give more of my time and talent. I love mentoring, instructing, and lifting up others. Remembering this helped me uncover my unique two-word purpose statement: “Imparting Wisdom.”

With that insight, I became more generous with my time and talent. I began volunteering my strategic planning and marketing services to WDW. Giving this way affirmed my passions to provide leadership and grow businesses for the glory of the Kingdom. 

But the transformation didn’t stop there. Living out my purpose, passion, and generosity plan eventually led to a clear change in my vocational calling. The Holy Spirit encouraged me to leave my corporate role. I felt that He wanted me to start a company advising other organizations in strategic planning and marketing. So I obeyed.

Seven months after completing The Doing Well Series, I resigned from my corporate job. It wasn’t stressful or scary. God granted me total peace of mind. Having a deeper sense of my purpose, scriptural conviction, and encouragement from my community gave me the courage to take that leap of faith.

What leap is God calling you to take? Maybe you don’t know. Maybe you’re afraid of what he has for you. Either way, I encourage you to listen and obey. If you want to do this in community with other women, take a leap of faith and join us in The Doing Well Series

It just might transform your life forever.

Take the first step on your wholehearted journey by joining an open Ignite Group


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