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Do Your Money Beliefs Reflect Your Values

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In Tuesday’s post, Donna Schumell shared a family “money” tree exercise to help us identify where our money beliefs and behaviors come from. Today, she looks at how they affect our values.

Do your money beliefs and behaviors reflect your values? This includes our earning, saving, spending, and giving patterns. It’s a question worth thinking about, especially as we discover our purpose and passion.

My top five core values are faith, family, generosity, humor, and wisdom. But there was a time I pushed these values aside. In fact, for much of my life, I foolishly put a significant amount of trust in money as my protector and provider.

Part of my career has been spent counseling advisors and families on money and investing. This work required global travel, took me away from both my nuclear and church families, and generated significant income and prestige. I deceived myself with a story that said this earning behavior was caring for my family and providing financial resources for the church. Self-reliance and pride snuck in. My earning behaviors did not reflect my core values or trust in my Provider.

Thankfully, a breast cancer diagnosis provided some “Be Still” time with
God that set me back on purpose and re-energized my spirit.

What about you? Observe the ways you earn, spend, save, and give in the weeks to come. It’s this season where spending pressures abound! Do your money beliefs and behaviors reflect your values? Do you behaviors suggest you trust provision more than your Provider? Invest in some “Be Still” time and see what God may have to share with you.

Download a free values tool from Donna’s website that will help you align your money beliefs, behaviors, and values.

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