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September 22, 2016
Women Doing Well

In Tuesday’s post, Elaine Franklin shared how God brought together her purpose, mission, and skills to help others discover their ‘why.’ Today’s post, excerpted from our Extravagant God Bible study, explores the life of Lydia, a pillar and patron of the early church whose purpose became very clear when she encountered the Apostle Paul. If she were speaking to us today, this is what we imagine she’d say:

“I guess you’d say I’m industrious. I’ve been blessed to prosper in my business of making and selling purple cloth, for it has been my livelihood as a single woman. I met many of my friends through my business. My girlfriends and I gather each day by the river to pray. We’ve been drawn to the message of Jesus. My home is always active with servants and guests. When Paul introduced me to Jesus, my purpose of ‘inspiring hope’ became very clear.”

Read more of Lydia’s story in Acts 16:11-15, 40, and then take a few minutes to work through the following questions:

  • How did seeking God in prayer with others set the stage for fulfilling Lydia’s life purpose?
  • Acts 16:14 provides a short descriptive profile of Lydia. How did God use her unique life skills and circumstances to fulfill His plan in verse 15?
  • How might God use your unique life skills and circumstances to fulfill His plan?
  • What role does prayer have in clarifying your life purpose? How does giving fit with your purpose?
  • God “hard-wired” Lydia with a purpose evident in her giving, according to this Scripture passage?

Designed for you to share with friends, Extravagant God is a discussion-based study that helps you explore more about your purpose and passion through the stories of women who have experienced the freedom of living generously.


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