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Listening for What’s Next

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As we live and give in God’s image, he often asks us to make uncertain pivots. For Ami Campbell and her family, one of those pivots led to Tanzania and becoming deeply involved with ministry there. She shared this story with Women Doing Well a few years ago and now returns to give us an update on the places, plans, and, yes, pivots God has been using to grow her faith.  

What has your life been like since first sharing your story with us 

I have continued to do a lot with the organization I mentioned in the original article. As the children we sponsor age out of the program, I’ve begun to work on a more local level, becoming an advocate for this organization and others like it. I’ve advocated with legislators to continue funding foreign aid budgets because many NGOs and nonprofits rely on that money to carry out their important work.  

I’ve also had the opportunity to give presentations on stewardship and generosity to both Christian and secular audiences, including TEDxWilmette (watch Ami’s presentation here). I’ve since joined the committee for TEDxWilmette and am helping organize next year’s event.  

How has God challenged you in your journey?  

Following God’s path has not always been easy–challenges have been present throughout my walk with Christ. My husband works in a different city, my family has experienced mental health problems over the past few years, and I’ve had to remain thoughtful about how I allocate my time and talents to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Oftentimes, a full plate can feel even fuller as God asks something new of me.  

I’ve found myself asking questions of God:  

“God, is this really your plan?”  

“Are we meant to go through this all at the same time?”  

“Is this good?”  

Sometimes it’s been a struggle to remind myself that God would never give me something that I wasn’t prepared to handle. I’ve put my trust in God, and that he’ll reveal the rightness and goodness of the plan when the time is right. I’ve started to follow by faith.  

How has COVID and this season of uncertainties challenged you? 

COVID-19 has presented a unique opportunity for me. I’m historically a planner; however, COVID doesn’t really allow for a lot of planning. Our lives have been restricted to moments that we take one at a time.  

I’ve taken this time to put myself into a posture of listening for what’s next. I’ve had peace in my heart rather than anxiety by walking by faith. I’ve heard whispers of what’s coming next, and I’m trying to work through what God is asking of me. Meanwhile, I’m trying to continue to live a radically generous lifestyle. I have a passion for generosity, and I like to live it out in any way that I can.  

It can be hard to keep yourself in the posture of listening. It’s one of the many ways that God challenges us. COVID presents a unique opportunity for all of us—challenge yourself to listen for what God’s calling you to do.  

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Amalya (Ami) Campbell is the co-author of Love Let Go: Radical Generosity for the Real World whose work has appeared in RELEVANT and The Christian Century magazines, Philanthropy Daily, and the Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin. Professionally, she serves as a marketing consultant, but lives out her calling as a generosity champion through her writing and stewardship teaching. She and her husband have two daughters and they split their time between Chicago and Seattle.

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