Screen Shot 2016 04 04 at 9.58.53 AM How a Jar of Golf Balls Helps Me Prioritize

How a Jar of Golf Balls Helps Me Prioritize

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On a shelf in my study sits a large jar of golf balls. While it’s not exactly magazine-worthy décor, those golf balls represent the most important things in my life.

I put them in the jar years ago as a reminder to set my priorities and work on them first. And every year I decide what the balls represent. The jar reminds me that if I had filled it with smaller items first, the golf balls would not fit. In much the same way, if I don’t make goals a priority, smaller responsibilities and opportunities will fill the space in my life.

What are the items in my jar? Finishing a manuscript for the book I’m writing. Selling my mom’s house. Losing 20 pounds. Learning to ride horses. And one of the most important: Achieving my giving goals. Why? I know that I have to be intentional in my giving— make it a priority—or it will never rise to the top of my to-do list. I truly believe God has blessed me, giving me the opportunity to know Him better and work alongside Him through giving.

Goals take work. I often need to break mine down into smaller objectives. Then, to keep myself on track, I set aside time to assess my progress. With time,working the plan becomes a habit—a good habit.

As we think about the remainder of 2016, what are your top three specific priorities—those things that require action? Is making a Giving Plan one of them? Come back Thursday for a plan to get you started.

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