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Ignite News: November 2017 Edition

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Issue #3 – November 2017


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God is on the move and when women get together and get on page with Him, great things can happen. In this edition of Ignite News:

  • Hear how God brought almost 200 women together in Detroit and one woman’s story of going from feeling like she wasn’t enough to finding her passion.
  • Get connected with author and speaker Kim King who just wrote a book for women about the giving journey and how to have a plan
  • One woman’s story of enjoying the ‘American Dream,’ but later discovering God’s generous vision for her city.

With gratitude,


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Martha was part of the Ignite Detroit Leadership Team for our most recent Detroit IGJ.  She lives in Detroit with her husband Tony and serves as co-city leader for Generous Giving’s Generous City initiative.

1) What drew to you get connected to Women Doing Well?

Two of my dear friends were on the leadership team and I wanted to support them.

2) What is a word or phrase that describes your view of giving before encountering the biblical message of generosity?


3) What is one key way that WDW has helped you progress in your generosity journey?

Seeing friends and acquaintances get excited about generosity has been tremendously encouraging. Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) scratched an itch they didn’t know they had. The day gave them permission to talk about a subject that shapes our lives, but nobody talks about.

4) If you had to describe the WDW one day event in four words what would those be?

“So worth your time.”


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Marilyn Johnson and her husband Larry were living the “good life,” the “American dream,” when they were faced with the decision of what to do with the rest of their lives after a successful business career.

Through a journey of generosity and of trusting God, they just made themselves available to serve and their lives were never the same.

View Marilyn’s Testimony here.



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Please join us for an online gathering with Kim King, author of When Women Give.

We will hear from Kim on her top three giving mistakes that she wish she’d known earlier and get a “behind the scenes” view of her journey to launch this book.

Click here to join us.



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Need a Nudge?​

Recently Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize in Economics. He demonstrated that economists have based their conclusions on a fundamental misconception: that human beings act rationally when making decisions. This is true even when faced with financial decisions…



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Join us in Tampa!

Our next Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) one day event is happening in just days. We will be hosting 100+ women in Tampa, Florida on Thursday November 9th.  Do you have any friends in the area? Space will go fast.

Let a friend know about Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event)—Tampa.

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