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Ignite News: May 2018 Edition


Ignite News Issue #6 – May 2018






Who doesn’t want to be a cheerful giver?  I can’t imagine a sermon titled, “Give and be miserable.”  This month hear how one woman found a pathway to cheerful in her giving and how another woman turned her pain into joy for an entire country.

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Jenny Iott was a key member in the City Team that brought IGJ to Philadelphia. She attended her first IGJ in Dallas and since then has uncovered great joy in her giving through knowing her purpose and passion.  Jenny lives with her husband and two children on the mainline in Philadelphia.

1) What drew you to get connected to Women Doing Well?

A dear friend, Gail Obenour, invited me to join her in Dallas so she would have a friend to share the experience with.   I really had no idea what I was attending!

2) What is a word or phrase that describes your view of giving before encountering the biblical message of generosity?


3) What is one key way that WDW has helped you progress in your generosity journey?

Knowing that my purpose statement is INSPIRING JOY I’m remembering more and more that in joyful times, situations, and relationships there is always a ways to turn it into a giving and sharing experience!

4) If you had to describe the WDW one day event in four words what would those be?

Discovering personal and meaningful giving.





We recently debuted a new video about Neil and Sego Serolong Holzapfel.  Sego, a South African and Neil, an American, met in New York City but live and work in South Africa.  Together they are building up the rural areas through investing in kingdom businesses.  Through job creation, family care and discipleship training, together they are identifying their individual talents and purpose and giving into their shared passion.

​View Sego’s Story here.


Next Steps List

A question we all often ask is “What’s Next?” For those who have attended our IGJ or new one-day, small group Retreat we wanted to offer you some ideas of what that next step could look like.

For more information on any of these next steps please contact












2018 Spring Update:
We had a phenomenal gathering of women at our recent 2018 Spring Celebration of Generosity.  Many women gathered over wine and cheese before the conference started to build community and get to know each other.  One woman shared the conference allowed her to “[talk] to other women about their own experiences with giving, in an approachable vulnerable way.”

2018 Fall Speaker Highlight:


For those of you who have been to an Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) event recently, you have had the pleasure of hearing Donna Schumell speak.  We are thrilled to announce that she has been added to the lineup of speakers at the upcoming Fall Generous Giving Celebrating of Generosity.  Donna’s wit and sense of humor matched with her depth of knowledge and faith engage are not something you want to miss!




Date:  October 26-28th
Location: Seattle, WA
Click here for more details


Mark your calendars and let your friends in the area know: Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) (IGJ) is coming to Connecticut on November 2nd!! We hope women from all surrounding areas (e.g. NYC / NJ) will join as well! More details to follow.



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