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Ignite News: July 2017 Edition

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Welcome to Ignite News!

This is the first edition of Ignite News, our new every other month email. We aim to encourage you on your journey to live a life of purpose and passion as you seek to honor God and steward what he has entrusted to you. After you read through, reply and let us know how we did!

With joy,


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This has been an exciting year so far with a few new changes – one of which is our new president, Julie Wilson. We asked her three questions to get to know her as we kick off this new season of Women Doing Well:

1) Tell us a little bit of your WDW story?

I first heard about Women Doing Well when Generous Giving participated in the original research study. Things got really interesting though when a Generous Giving champion, Janice Worth, met Pam Pugh, one of the founders of Women Doing Well. They cooked up a plan to create a new one-day experience to bring the research directly to women and I was hooked.

2) What are you most excited about for this new season at Women Doing Well?

Women are natural message carriers. We thrive when we honor and believe in each other, and Women Doing Well provides a compelling place for a woman to discover her generosity and grow with others.  I am excited about see more women reached and sharing the message with others.   I believe the new collaboration with Generous Giving will allow more ways for her to share the message with her family and friends too.

3) If you had to describe the WDW woman in 3 words or phrases what would those be?

On-Purpose, energized, and engaged!

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Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event)—our one-day signature event that helps women discover their purpose, passion, and plan—is coming to Detroit, October 5, 2017. Do you have friends in the area? We have 51 fired-up igniters, so space will go fast.

Let a friend know about Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event)—Detroit.

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Every other month we feature a story of people, like you, working out their journeys of generosity. Stories featured are like that of April and Graham Smith, a young couple based in New York who have a big vision for leveraging generosity and just opened a social enterprise restaurant right in the heart of Times Square.

Want to be inspired by more stories like this? Click below and you’ll receive Storyline in your inbox in the “off month” of Ignite News. These are great stories to share with the men in your life too!

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The Beautiful Reflection of a Generous Life

On a recent trip to Haiti, I traveled hours into the Pestel mountain region where human suffering from poverty-related issues is indescribable. I was there with my friend Miriam who has rescued dying children in Haiti for 30 years…



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