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Ignite News: January 2018 Edition

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Issue #4 – January 2018


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I’ve been hearing that 2018 will be the “year of the woman” and I’ve wondered what is really happening. From the national conversation around workplace harassment to record numbers of women starting businesses and pursuing advanced degrees, women are engaging in new ways.

Our own research in 2012, showed that women want to be part of changing the world for Christ through giving. I believe things are happening because women, like Mary before us, have “found favor with God.” As women engage, families, communities, and whole areas will flourish in His care. So, here’s to 2018 and another great year for living our purpose, passion, and plan for greater generosity!

With gratitude,


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Angie Waldauer was one of our ignite team members for our most recent IGJ in Tampa Bay. Angie is the also the Director of Giver Services for NCF Tampa Bay. She and her husband, AJ, have three sons and live in Florida.

1) What drew you to get connected to Women Doing Well?

I know Pam Pugh from her NCF days so when she and some other ladies held the first women’s event in Orlando several years ago, I definitely wanted to attend!  It was a great event but I could never get enough momentum to bring it to Tampa.  When I attended the West Palm IGJ earlier this year, I knew it was time!

2) What is a word or phrase that describes your view of giving before encountering the biblical message of generosity?

As long as I was giving 10%, God didn’t really care about the other 90%.

3) What is one key way that WDW has helped you progress in your generosity journey?

Understanding it’s a journey and not a destination.  God will always be growing me in this area and I need to stay engaged… learning… engaging with other like minded women.

4) If you had to describe the WDW one day event in four words what would those be?

“Encouraging faithfulness in generosity”


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This November, Generous Giving hosted a gathering in Washington D.C. It was a time of encouragement and an opportunity to hear how others have chosen to share the message of generosity.  One woman, Heather Tuninga, shared her experience in sharing generosity in the public square.

Heather’s passion for generosity led her to leverage her resources through exponentially blessing others. Learn more about her risky and adventurous generosity “caper” with God!

View Heather’s Talk here.


Upcoming News.

Blog update

Great news!  We will soon be able to automatically alert you to when we have posted a new WDW blog.  Those emails will be going out starting this January to all on our Ignite News list. Please feel free to unsubscribe from these alerts if you feel you are getting too many emails.

WDW ONE-day experience

This Fall, Women Doing Well will be launching a Purpose, Passion and Plan one day small group experience for women. Interested in hosting or learning more? Click here to connect with Lacie Stevens.



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The Art of Generosity: Stationery Business Delivers Much More Than an Encouraging Word

God recently directed me to a new path on my generosity journey. And it all started with a sermon and a simple invitation. The sermon topic was the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. The invitation was to come forward if you felt led to accept a “Kingdom assignment”—an opportunity to put into practice…



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We are thrilled to announce our next Inspiring Generous Joy (now WDW Signature Event) Event City: Philadelphia!  For those of you in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area, mark your calendars for April 6th, 2018.

Please invite your friends! You can find the event information here. It promises to be an amazing day of encouragement, learning and community! More details to come – stay tuned!

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