kun painting2 How Do We Steward Influence?

How Do We Steward Influence?

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She was orphaned at a young age. A kind uncle made sure her needs were met, physically and spiritually. Nearby, a man of extreme power and wealth had just dismissed his wife in pride and humiliation and with the help of others began looking for his next wife. As the search began, there she was, this orphaned girl, now a beautiful young woman.

She was groomed spiritually and physically through the supervision of a relative who cared. She would soon learn that the man looking for a wife was the king. She was selected as one of the finalists. Her uncle, the closest person in life to her, submitted to the king’s request and he watched her leave. Neither knowing what might be next.

Across town was the wife of the second most influential man in the country, stretching the span of India to Africa to the Middle East. She saw her husband’s quest for more authority and notoriety and it pleased her. His continual rise in power brought status, perks, recognition, the best schools and the best of life. People almost bowed as they walked by on their strolls back and forth from the king’s home.

Who would have guessed it? The orphaned girl through her beauty and wise spirit pleased the king greatly and she became the queen. Now with their homes less than a mile apart, the two women shared something in common: married to the top two men of influence. As is often said, “Behind every great man, is an even greater woman.” Both of these women indeed would influence their husbands and bring either redemption or doom.

You may have guessed that this story is one that has been told throughout the centuries, the story of Esther.

You may have guessed that this story is one that has been told throughout the centuries, the story of Esther. The bit not often picked up, is the sub plot between Haman and his wife Zeresh. The recorded story reveals that while Esther was using her influence as a wife, prayerfully obedient to God and trusting Him for the outcome, Zeresh was playing to her husband’s pride and anger. Zeresh encouraged her husband to build gallows outside their home in preparation for the public demise of his enemy– one who refused to bow as they strolled by. Did Zeresh know she was using her influence to destroy her very own family? Esther took a risk and used her influence with the king for good, and as God directed the outcome, an entire nation was saved.

Our influence. What an asset to steward well! Do we choose the live close to God’s instructions such that we are quick to obey His promptings and trust the outcome to Him? Or do we find ourselves first seeking to preserve our status? What might be a stake?

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