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When You Let God Write Your Family’s Story

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Tuesday’s post outlined several reasons Millennials are the gateway to greater giving and impact. Kylie White is a great example of one who is bringing her family on mission for God. Read below to see how the Whites are passionate for orphan care and adoption. Kylie and John live in North Carolina and have four children. Follow her on her blog at: http://onalightstand.blogspot.com.

As a young mom with two children in diapers, I felt a stirring in my spirit: “God, I want more of You. I want purpose and to live on mission in an adventure with You.” I started praying for Him to write a story for our family, with a purpose bigger than the four walls of our home.

As the kids grew into the toddler stage, God began to answer that prayer. My in laws hosted a family retreat and invited a speaker on generosity. He challenged us with these questions: If we were given a million dollars to only invest for the Kingdom, how would we go about it? Would we strategically figure out our unique calling and give our time and money towards that end? And why weren’t we giving strategically with what we had to be generous with now?

A journey begins

My husband John and I wrestled over the questions and decided to establish family values we would intentionally live out together. God aligned the passions that would help us establish our values: The orphan crisis, marriage, and the unreached people groups of the world. These shared passions would be the guardrails of how we would give our money and time.

Within a few months, adoption became a desire of our hearts, leading us on a journey to bring home a sibling set from Congo, in central Africa. After that, I figured adoption was the end check mark of “generosity” God had for me and hunkered down in the overwhelming season of life. I even stopped praying as often for that purpose and mission. But God was just getting started.

Passion becomes purpose

John was invited to Kenya with a ministry called Care for AIDS. He jumped at the chance to go and decided to take our 5-year-old son with him. The trip opened their eyes to new ways our whole family could serve. “I think this is it for us,” John told me. “You have to go—soon—and see it for yourself.”

Six months later I was on a flight with one of our daughters. Once my feet hit the red dirt of Kenya, I knew God was about to unleash an answer to a prayer I had prayed for five years.

While we were there, we watched marriages get restored. We celebrated with 90 parents, as they would not orphan their 250 children. We held hands of the outcasts and untouchables kicked out of their families and communities.

God had woven together our passions—marriage, the orphan crisis, the unreached—and transformed it into our purpose.

A family affair

We’ve been on four more Care for AIDS trips with the kids. They ask to go to Kenya, not Disney World!

This ministry partnership has gone far beyond check writing. It’s life living—for every member of our family. Our kids have ownership and involvement. It encompasses memories they have, friends they’ve made, and poverty they’ve seen with their own eyes.

God has written a beautiful story for our family. Following Jesus and being generous is a wildly exciting adventure. There is nothing more exciting than living on purpose and within our passions for Christ.

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