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Getting a “Helpers High” This Holiday Season

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What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

At our house, we have our annual favorites: Elf, Christmas Vacation. You get the picture—we like humor! But this year I’m adding an unconventional selection. I’m intentionally showing a few short films from I Like Giving. Here’s why:

You know that great feeling you get when you witness a great and admirable act of kindness? It’s real! In fact, scientists in a Harvard Happiness Study found that happy endorphins are released when people commit acts of kindness. In the study, conducted in over 130 countries, people who were generous financially were the happiest overall.  Scientists call this phenomenon a “helper’s high”!

I Like Giving’s short films are all about acts of kindness and generosity. You can find these videos on our Women Doing Well website, Generous Giving, and I Like Giving.

You’ll be moved by stories like:
The woman who gave all of her car savings away and when others found out, they bought her a new car.
A group of young couples that helped eliminate their friends’ debt
A homeless little boy with a big dream who likes bow ties and not bullying

Afterwards, we plan to ask one simple question: What stood out to you about this story?

Experiencing these films together as a family will give us a chance to talk about what’s really important and allow us to open a window to the joy that comes from living generously.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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Pam Pugh

Pam Pugh is one of the founders of Women Doing Well. She guides charitable organizations in strategic planning and implementation through her firm, Reaching Forward, LLC. She is deeply motivated by making connections in the generosity space to unleash a wealth of financial resources to further the gospel of Christ. She lives in Alpharetta, Ga., with her husband and has two daughters. Her purpose statement is “expanding territory.”

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