Prayer guides every step we take at Women Doing Well. Prayer is a practice, a conversation with God, and our direct path to comfort, growth, insight and joy. We recognize that each of us experiences God’s love most fully when we depend on Him for our needs. Women Doing Well strives to nurture a transformative environment for prayer, where all are welcomed and encouraged to join us in prayer.

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Prayer Team

Our volunteer prayer team meets monthly to pray over each event and attendee. We would love to have you engage in the work and the joy of prayer on behalf of Women Doing Well and the many lives our organization touches.

You can also join the monthly prayer calls anytime your schedule permits. You’ll bless others and be blessed as you share this special time together.

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Prayer Initatives

At Women Doing Well, we believe in the power of strategic prayer. That’s why we hold prayer initiatives throughout the year, lifting specific programs and people to God. Would you like to join us? We would be honored to have you come alongside us in this vital work.

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We ask you to prayerfully consider joining us for future prayer initiatives.


Details on how to formally register for future prayer initiatives will be emailed to you once they are launched.

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