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The Women Doing Well Pathway

Who do you know who could use an infusion of clarity, direction, and courage to do the next thing? We find that women in any type of transition are especially served by our content. Women who are in their zone and serving wholeheartedly are also encouraged with affirmation of where they are and are positioned to inspire others in the group to step into a life of wholehearted living and giving.

Gather a group of women for Ignite, and we will provide a facilitator.

Ignite can take place in a six-week online or in-person course or in a one-day, in-person retreat.

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The Women Doing Well Pathway FAQ

What is the ideal group size? 

Course: Six to eight women is an excellent group size. This number allows for everyone to share during discussion.

Retreat: Eight to ten women is optimal for an in-person Ignite Retreat experience.

How long is each experience? 

Course: Each course is 60-minutes once a week for six weeks.

Retreat: The Ignite Retreat is a one-day, six-hour experience.

What is the content? 

Women Doing Well curates, contextualizes and creates content on purpose, passion, and plan for our experiences. For more information, visit our FAQ page.

Who is the Women Doing Well Pathway designed for? 

Our experiences are designed for women of influence and affluence to have a safe place to talk about the time, treasure and resources with which they have been entrusted. 

Can I be trained to facilitate? 

Yes, after participating in a Women Doing Well experience, we invite you to be trained as a facilitator. For more information, visit our Lead page.

I’m a nonprofit leader. Can I host a Women Doing Well Pathway Group? 

Yes, Women Doing Well offers partnership opportunities for ministries and organizations. For more information please contact Mary Shaw.

What our participants say: