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The Well

Put more well-being in your doing

This biannual interactive broadcast is for women interested in learning more about Women Doing Well or reconnecting with the core message of spiritual wellness. At The Well, you’ll find encouragement to discover deeper wellbeing for more integrated well-doing.

The Doing Well Series

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Ignite, Grow and Activate Generosity

Life is richer and more meaningful when you have confidence in your purpose, know what you are passionate about and have a plan to live and give well. The Doing Well Series is a place where you are free to grow and learn what wholehearted generosity looks like. These three six-week courses of unique, interactive content are designed to foster community and help you discover, grow and activate your unique generosity.

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Ignite Your Purpose, Passion, Plan

A one-day experience focuses on equipping you to discover your purpose, explore your passion and experience the power of a plan. This six-hour, highly interactive retreat is packed with everything you need to launch your journey of all-embracing, unreserved generosity. If you’re already engaged in generosity, attend a retreat to take you deeper into community with women you already know or those who become valued new friends.

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What our attendees say:

“One of the greatest benefits of participating in a Women Doing Well experience was the realization… ‘Oh! I don’t have to volunteer in every service project and church ministry.  I should serve where God has given me passion, and cheer on others who serve in their areas of passion.’  This has freed me up from so much guilt. Thank you!”

Linda G.
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