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March 13, 2020
Julie Wilson

I lived in NYC during 9/11 and one of the most memorable lessons of that time is that “crisis clarifies.” The things that are most important get clear when life is out of control. As reports of the other planes in the area came in, a group of my friends piled into a minivan and joined the thousands escaping the city. We made it to Washington Heights where we intended to pick up another friend and head out of the city. There, the moment of clarity came. My friend Amy was adamant and clear-headed that God had not brought her to NY to leave it in a time of crisis. It stung – because it was true. Here was a group of us Christ-followers, equipped with the good news, fleeing for our own lives without regard for our neighbors or our city. Was this human nature? Yes, but it was also a moment of clarity that hasn’t left me and has taught me that a godly response is both supernatural and possible. 

While today’s circumstances are different, we again find ourselves in a global crisis with another invitation to lean in and listen to what God is inviting us to see. I believe God is inviting us to slow down and notice what we’ve been too busy to see. And then to wake up to His power in us and how He wants to work through us.     

If human natures say “Hunker down, take care of your own needs, pull the covers over your head and wait until it passes,” God’s nature says “Open up, give generously, walk into opportunity and see where God is at work and join Him.” In the quiet moments during times of crisis, I can have the best ideas of how to help, but generally speaking, my ideas are visionary and too big to be practical. Thus human nature wins the day and I don’t act.   

Perhaps we could come together and support each other? Do you have ideas for how to practically engage to bless others during this global pandemic? Maybe we can help each other live into taking a small step to help others through sharing ideas, praying for one another and looking to see where God is at work and joining Him? 

In a recent blog post, we highlighted how women are wired uniquely for times just like this. How can we bless our neighbors, our communities and those who have needs we may not have thought of?

If you have an idea to share or something encouraging to report please visit us on Facebook and comment on this post so we can hear from each other and learn what can be done during this unique time in our history. I look forward to engaging together and spurring each other on so, as my friend Tim Mohns says, we don’t waste a perfectly good crisis.   


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