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Knowing What You Have

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One of the attributes of a woman giving well is that she knows she is giving to her maximum capacity. But how can you know this? Our friend Candice Blomeley has a great website, nine12.org, to help people spend wisely and give generously. The first step to giving to your maximum capacity is knowing what you have. Download the nine12 toolkit for …

Lake New Zealand Mountains Scenery Pukaki Nature reflection 3872x2241 e1441934749914 What is a Migniter? A Male Igniter, Of Course. Meet Todd Harper.

What is a Migniter? A Male Igniter, Of Course. Meet Todd Harper.

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From time to time we will highlight thoughts from a migniter—a male “igniter” who is excited about women hearing the message of generosity and who encourages them to get in the giving game.  Our post this week comes from one of the original—and one of our favorite—“migniters,” Todd Harper, who serves as President of Generous Giving. He’s an advocate and …

Women Managers 3 Reasons You're Good at Managing Resources

3 Reasons You’re Good at Managing Resources

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Women make up over half of the workplace, own more than half of the country’s personal wealth and yet, across the generations, women tend to doubt their ability to manage their financial resources. Approximately 85 per cent of women manage the household checkbook, but the majority feels insecure with their financial future. And yet we know when women apply themselves …

What's Your Giving Style?

What’s Your Giving Style?

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On my journey of giving, I’ve experienced a tug of war with treating symptoms or going to the root problem. When I think of a doctor, while she treats the symptoms, she quickly addresses the root cause. Both are critical. But when I dream about a world with less pain and more hope, I’m hyperfocused on addressing root causes. However, …

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Meet Biola University’s Ruby Women

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When the story is told of the founding of Biola University in Los Angeles, somehow the “founding before the founding” is left behind. As it turns out, before Union Oil Company’s Lyman Stewart and pastor T.C. Horton initiated the Bible Institute in 1908, their wives Lula and Anna were pounding the pavement in Southern California. In one report, the ladies …