caleb woods ecRuhwPIW7c unsplash scaled 1 The Power of One Dollar

The Power of One Dollar

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We live on a short cul-de-sac in an established neighborhood and are the only residents on the street who haven’t lived here for more than 40 years. When we moved in four years ago everyone was quick to introduce themselves and welcome us to the community.  Our two boys often play in neighbors’ yards and we all enjoy chatting from time to time.    One afternoon our youngest, …

christina wocintechchat com 1Kf3jFemsPk unsplash scaled 1 The Power of Hope

The Power of Hope

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When things started to close down due to COVID-19, my husband and I realized we were going to be in this mode for a long time. We looked at our budget to make sure we were wisely stewarding everything, including monthly memberships and subscriptions. One of the things we noticed was our son’s tae kwon do class. While not a lot of money, it something he wasn’t going to attend for the …

robert bye Bjq6Toa K I unsplash scaled 4 Lessons From the Women who Followed Jesus from Galilee

4 Lessons From the Women who Followed Jesus from Galilee

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Names like Peter, James and John come quickly to mind when we think of Jesus’ disciples. But there was with them Mary, Joanna and Suzanna who were also followers and funders. Many came from places of status and were able to leverage that influence to financially support His ministry and serve alongside Him. This likely came at personal cost. After all, why …

angelina kichukova AjaOjlImLjM unsplash scaled An Invitation to Exhale

An Invitation to Exhale

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I love watching women deepen their journey with Jesus as they discover and then live into their purpose and passion. One friend in particular has had a beautiful journey. Judy and I met many years ago as young leaders with an international ministry.  We took part in a leadership cohort and had an instant connection.  A few years later we had the …

candice picard vLENm coX5Y unsplash scaled Generous Love

Generous Love

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Generosity isn’t just about money. It also has to do with the ways we relate to each other and the world around us. That’s especially evident in marriage. This post, originally published at National Christian Foundation’s blog, takes a closer look at what generosity in marriage looks like and how each of us can give more generously to our spouses.  Do generous …

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Easter Women

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We likely won’t forget Easter 2020. Most of us celebrated in our homes, physically distanced from our church families. Reminders of this broken world fill our TV screens and social media feeds. Yet, in the midst of so much confusion, uncertainty, and fear, we still have joy because Jesus overcame death and sin. Women Doing Well President Julie Wilson reminds us of our role as Easter women, carrying the …

kal visuals b1Hg7QI zcc unsplash Open your hands to give - and receive

Open your hands to give – and receive

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God is always trying to give good things to us, but we have our hands too full to receive them. Saint Augustine I read the quote above and thought, You bet my hands are full! My pantry is full of pasta and paper goods!   We are currently in a time of scarcity, not abundance. Throughout the day the news …

Screen Shot 2020 03 31 at 11.09.30 AM The Gift of Generous Friendship

The Gift of Generous Friendship

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The gift of friendship launched Katherine Tsay’s faith journey; a bachelorette weekend in Atlantic City led her down the path toward living and giving generously. Watch her share her story in this video from Gospel Patrons.