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Budget for Giving: A Team Effort

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You’ve very likely done all of the right and recommended things to prepare for the future: you’ve set aside retirement savings, you have life insurance and a will or estate plan. But how much do you know about the current reality of your finances?

It’s common for one spouse or the other to manage the family finances.  However, the reality is that one or the other will be in the position at some point to manage the family finances on his or her own.  How prepared are you?  These 10 questions will help you take stock of where you are right now so you can be prepared for whatever the future brings.  



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Pam Pugh

Pam Pugh

Pam Pugh is one of the founders of Women Doing Well. She guides charitable organizations in strategic planning and implementation through her firm, Reaching Forward, LLC. She is deeply motivated by making connections in the generosity space to unleash a wealth of financial resources to further the gospel of Christ. She lives in Alpharetta, Ga., with her husband and has two daughters. Her purpose statement is “expanding territory.”

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