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Financial ABCs

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A quick reference to a few common terms in the financial world. As with any other arena, finance has its own language. Understanding key helps you navigate the financial arena. If you’ve lived in this world for a while, these terms will be basic. You’ve known and used them for years. But you may know someone who is just getting …

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Receiving His Gifts, Finding Your Passion

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Taken from Women Doing Well’s Extravagant God, a six-session study on generous women through the ages, published in 2015. In Luke 8, you get a brief introduction to Joanna. We don’t know much about her, but what we do know is intriguing. Her husband is Chuza. Not familiar with him? He’s in charge of managing all of Herod’s estates. In …

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Learning to Pray

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The National Day of Prayer is the first Thursday of May. Use it to move your prayer life forward. By Shelley Comer Prayer is a gift from God. It allows us to commune with Him directly. To bring our deepest heart needs and greatest joys to the Father.  Prayer is also hard. We struggle to find time to pray. When …

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When Prayer Challenges and Changes (part 2)

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(Read part one of Ruth’s story) It took time for me to accept God’s calling. Remember—I never wanted to write a book. I poked fun at my family members who wrote books. But I couldn’t ignore the call any longer. God overwhelmed me with confirmations to move forward. He gently showed me in a thousand different ways that He wanted …

Screen Shot 2021 10 07 at 10.39.15 AM When Prayer Challenges and Changes

When Prayer Challenges and Changes

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I didn’t want to write a book. I wasn’t looking to become an author. My husband, Bob, and I were busy enough raising five children and flipping houses in Philadelphia. Any free time we had was spent renovating our 305-year-old farmhouse. It was an immense project, but we enjoyed it. We were content. Then we had a visitor.  The Big …

Screen Shot 2021 01 19 at 4.45.37 PM A Broader View of Generosity

A Broader View of Generosity

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What the generational shift means for the world of generosity. For generations, talk of generosity focused primarily on one thing: money. According to collaborative research from sparks & honey and Morgridge Family Foundation, that’s changing. The change is particularly obvious among younger philanthropists. What does this mean for organizations that rely on generous donors? Aim at the Heart All nonprofits have …

Screen Shot 2021 08 24 at 3.18.26 PM My Transformation Journey with Women Doing Well

My Transformation Journey with Women Doing Well

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My husband, Ben, is a financial planner, whose job is to wisely guide his clients’ financial decisions. Thanks to Ben’s work, we’ve had a biblical perspective on money for years. We also gave generously and believed that everything we own belongs to God. Despite my background, Women Doing Well (WDW) got my attention. Why I Said “Yes” to The Doing …

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Find Your Happiness!

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Summer 2020: The pandemic was in full swing with no end in sight. Happiness did not abound. So when my friend and mentor, Mary Beth Vogelzang, invited me to a class about happiness, titled The Science of Well-Being, I didn’t have to think for long. I said yes. Until then, I wasn’t familiar with Women Doing Well. And to be honest, …