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The Blessing of Baby Bok Choy

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God makes His presence known in big and small ways: through the stars in the sky, through the people He brings into our lives, and sometimes in the grocery store line buying baby bok choy.

In the process of organizing the first Christian women’s giving circle in South Florida, we decided to finish the plans over dinner.

Two of us who didn’t have the gift of cooking were given the task of shopping and sent to the store to buy the provisions, complete with a list. Our mission included buying baby bok choy. Neither one of us had a clue what that was! But we were determined to succeed.

When we reached the checkout, I insisted on paying for our treats including the new-to-us baby bok choy. My friend protested, “I need to buy something!” So I handed her the baby bok choy.

When she found that to be a ridiculous suggestion, I suggested instead that she buy the groceries for the person in line behind us. She jumped on the idea, quickly offering to pay for the stranger’s groceries.

The woman accepted, explaining that although she normally would not accept such an offer from a stranger, she was going to accept today. She told us why she had a change of heart: she had just read about the importance of receiving in her daily devotional, God Calling. And now God was providing a live opportunity before the day was even over!

My friend was overwhelmed and turning to me, she introduced me as one of the editors of the newly released modern-day version of God Calling. Heads shook and we all had a big laugh. We were amazed how God had arranged that exciting moment, providing the giver, the gift, and a willing recipient.

The fun and ironic moment caused the cashier and other shoppers to lean into our conversation. We engaged in deeper dialogue with the recipient as we all walked out to the car.  She had been struggling with life and the encounter encouraged her that God was indeed calling. He was calling her closer to see Him as He is and to be wiling to receive from Him.

We still laugh about the blessing that arrived with our baby bok choy. We were refreshed and renewed by the power of God’s generosity.

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