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June 10, 2024
Kelly George

If you enjoy playing board games with family or friends, chances are you’ve played the game “Who am I?” If you’re not familiar with it, it’s where players wear cards on their foreheads with the name of a well-known person like, a celebrity, athlete, or historical figure, without it being revealed to them. They go around unknowingly being figures like Peyton Manning or Beyonce, trying to guess who they are, asking questions such as:

“Am I a woman?”

“Am I an entertainer?”

“Do I live in the U.S.?”

It can be challenging, especially if you and others don’t have in-depth knowledge about the figure assigned. Honestly, the most I know about Peyton Manning is he plays or used to play, football. So, I probably wouldn’t have been successful at guessing my identity if I was portraying him. I know he’s a big name. But simply because someone is well-known doesn’t mean they are known well. I’m curious, how this game would play out if everyone was assigned their own name unknowingly. Would others be able to answer questions about you? Would you be able to answer questions about them?

At Women Doing Well, we seek a deeper knowledge of our identity and each other’s identity as we grow in our faith. As children of God, we unite where we can be known, seen, and heard. We are free to bring our whole selves increasingly gaining a deeper knowledge of our identity and of each other. We show up and continue to be known by our community of women. We strengthen our confidence in who we are, and what we have in Christ, giving with purpose to heal the world. We aspire daily to confidently answer, “Who am I?” and confidently say, “I know who I am”.

Together we seek to be truly known, where we sincerely understand ourselves and our God-designed purpose, passion, and plan. There are many questions we face along our faith and generosity journeys, such as:

“Where does my career fit in my life?”

“Am I supposed to be a mother?”

“What am I passionate about?”

“How can I be more generous?”

These questions, just like in the game, aren’t answered alone. God guides us together. We have the support and encouragement of Christ and like-minded women, in a place to be known, a place to be seen and a place to be heard, allowing every woman to discover her divine purpose and path into lifestyle generosity. Together we seek to know our true identity, passion, and purpose. Serving collectively, we can more deeply know our unique God-given gifts and how we can use them to make an impact for His kingdom.

A trusted community is essential in discovering our true identity in Christ. In the safe community of Women Doing Well, we support and encourage each other listening, following, and serving the Lord, in a place to be seen, known, and heard. Through Christ, we are known. Through Christ, we know each other.

But you, O Lord, know me; you see me, and test my heart toward you (Jeremiah 12:3). My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me (John 10:27). For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known (1 Corinthians 13:12)


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