Screen Shot 2020 10 27 at 9.23.41 AM Treasures in Darkness

Treasures in Darkness

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Getting ready for bed one evening, I felt something odd in my left ankle. The next day I had difficulty putting weight on the foot but an X-ray showed nothing broken or fractured. By the following evening, the pain became excruciating.    Little did I realize that an unexpected cloud of darkness was about to hover over my life.   The next weeks and months brought more pain and suffering than I have ever experienced. My physical, emotional, and spiritual …

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Welcome Abundance

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Is it my imagination or does it appear as if the world is in full-blown scarcity mode? “Not Enoughness” runs amok. Fear is in the air like oxygen.    Scarcity began knocking on my door early spring of this year. On March 1, my husband and I released a 30-year ministry assignment of church planting and pastoring in local churches. The transition was exciting, yet this major life change registered in my emotions and body as loss. Five days after this …

tran mau tri tam aNlb8ktfr8o unsplash scaled The Summer 10 for 2020

The Summer 10 for 2020

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Summer’s slower pace makes it a great time to read, listen, and watch. The board and staff of Women Doing Well have some summertime recommendations for you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!  To Read  Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Bohannan   “This book was a joy to read. It’s easy to read and really down to earth about Liz’s journey to make good …

Screen Shot 2020 03 31 at 11.09.30 AM The Gift of Generous Friendship

The Gift of Generous Friendship

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The gift of friendship launched Katherine Tsay’s faith journey; a bachelorette weekend in Atlantic City led her down the path toward living and giving generously. Watch her share her story in this video from Gospel Patrons.

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Generous World Changers

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History is replete with women who said ‘yes’ in response to God’s outrageous love and invitation to live and give generously.  From Mary Magdelene, a first patron of the early church, to Lydia, an industrious entrepreneur who strategically funded early missions, women change the world with their sacrificial giving.  Here are a few other women whose generosity had eternal Impact:  Lady …

rich smith kZR 8T0CEc0 unsplash scaled Her Bible, in Her Voice

Her Bible, in Her Voice

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God weaves a number of threads into our lives as He reveals His purposes for us. A job prepares us with skills for the next thing He calls us to. A friendship opens the door to new opportunities. A conversation here leads to service there.   Jenny Steinbach has seen God bring together different threads in her life to create a project in line with her purpose and passion: an audio Bible in women’s voices called her.BIBLE.   A 30-year veteran of Cru, Jenny …

JaniceWorthBeautyofGiving What are the Odds? The Generosity Story of Janice Worth

What are the Odds? The Generosity Story of Janice Worth

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The message of generosity didn’t just change Janice Worth’s views on giving; it transformed her life, taking her from an orphan in search of security to a daughter of the King living out her purpose. That includes serving as a Global Ambassador for Women Doing Well.    Janice recently shared her story with National Christian Foundation. This post was originally published on their blog.   When other young girls …

humphrey muleba 9MoQKZW0nGU unsplash The Next Yes

The Next Yes

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Today’s post is written by Cindy Rine, who recently joined Women Doing Well as Director of Volunteer Growth. She shares her testimony of her experience with Women Doing Well and what can happen when we say yes to God’s purpose for us.  Yes. It’s a small word—just three letters—but it can bring big changes, especially when our hearts are aligned to God’s purpose for us. In …