45294169485 67afecaac6 o My Journey Toward Wholehearted Generosity

My Journey Toward Wholehearted Generosity

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As President of Women Doing Well, many assume that I’m naturally generous. That I’ve practiced wholehearted living and giving my whole life. That a life of generosity drew me to WDW.   I wish that were true.  The truth is that wholehearted generosity wasn’t on my radar until I crossed paths with WDW. Sure, I tithed and gave a certain amount to my …

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End of the Year Sign Off

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Generosity is an essential activity this year. Is your joy meter low? Are you tired and weary? Me too. We just went through a global pandemic and while there are promising vaccinations, it feels like we are on mile 21 of a marathon. Just far enough from the finish line to need some encouragement. As we wrap this year, I …

Screen Shot 2015 09 15 at 3.52.12 PM The Power of Story

The Power of Story

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I graduated from college in Boston with a degree in journalism and a rather grandiose idea that I might be able to change the world through media. Pursing my dream job, I packed up my Honda Civic with my life’s belongings and made the drive to New York City. Along the way, I had two distinct emotions. One was excitement because …

angelina kichukova AjaOjlImLjM unsplash scaled An Invitation to Exhale

An Invitation to Exhale

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I love watching women deepen their journey with Jesus as they discover and then live into their purpose and passion. One friend in particular has had a beautiful journey. Judy and I met many years ago as young leaders with an international ministry.  We took part in a leadership cohort and had an instant connection.  A few years later we had the …

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Easter Women

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We likely won’t forget Easter 2020. Most of us celebrated in our homes, physically distanced from our church families. Reminders of this broken world fill our TV screens and social media feeds. Yet, in the midst of so much confusion, uncertainty, and fear, we still have joy because Jesus overcame death and sin. Women Doing Well President Julie Wilson reminds us of our role as Easter women, carrying the …

Screen Shot 2019 06 04 at 5.24.26 PM Passion from Pain

Passion from Pain

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Every now and again I hear a story that stops me in my tracks and captures my heart. I heard one last week from a woman named Kim Meeder who runs a horse ranch in Bend, Oregon.    She told of a beautiful relationship with her big strapping father who would throw her on his shoulders and zoom her down the …

Screen Shot 2018 12 24 at 2.53.47 PM A Joyful and Generous Noel

A Joyful and Generous Noel

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My whole life I’ve heard the story of my birth on a snowy Christmas Day in New England. My mother remembers how everyone excitedly jumped up from the dinner table and rushed into action when her water broke. My grandfather was so excited he went out to warm up the car and forgot to engage the emergency brake. When they all ran …