Economic Shutdown: 3 Steps Forward for Every Christian

It’s not just health news that’s frightening these days; economic news is also grim. As believers, how is God calling us to respond in this time of coronavirus, job loss, and all of the unknowns we’re facing? John Cortines shared this post on Generous Giving’s blog and his Scripture-based insights chart a hopeful course through today’s fear and uncertainty.     After 11 years of […]

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Your Giving Plan: What Zone Are You In?

My journey from saver to servant around my money has not been an easy one. It all started when my friend Greg and I were MBA students at Harvard and decided to take a seminary class to further explore the role of money in our lives. It was the first day of the God and […]

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From Saver to Servant

It was another $100 day. A soreness-causing, sweat-inducing, five-lawn marathon of mowing resulted in a neat stack of bills whose worth reached into the triple digits. As a 13-year-old, this was a mountain of money, and I proudly stuffed it into my sock drawer. I would neatly take $10 or $12 off the top of […]

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