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A Little Made Enough

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As a minister, I can find myself wondering if I’m doing enough. Am I offering enough support to my team? Is the ministry I lead facilitating enough opportunity for students to encounter Christ? Am I praying enough for my students? On top of these concerns that I grapple with on any given day, there exist now the overshadowing concerns about physical health, national well-being, and racial justice. …

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Letting Go of My False Faces

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I wear a false face. Or, to be more specific, I often operate behind identities I’ve created for myself, ones that mask the true face Jesus Christ gave me. Confronting this has been challenging, but it’s also opened the door to reconciliation and restoration. The Spirit’s invitation to shed my false faces led me to John 4:6-29, the story of the woman at the well.  There’s much to be said about this Samaritan woman, living water, and …